Hudson Valley Ski Club

Photograph Gallery

Halloween Kickoff Party -- 1998

Photos courtesy of Angie Harelick


01 Angie and Mike 02 Angie and Terri 03 Joann M

04 Mary Ann B, Chris and Pat 06 Bob G (Robyn's friend as dracula), Robyn and Charlie

08 John and Joyce ('Catnip' and Cat) 05 Jeff E and Pat H

09 Joann M, Mary Ann J, Ed M, Bob J., Bob M 10a Gary, Kathy

10b  Claudette, Harry 13 Walter, Carol, John K, June

11 Gwen, Nancy, Walter 14  Alan C, Marta

15 Rosemary and Alex  07 Jim H and Mary Ann R

16 Linda V, Don C (pumpkin), Lynn C, Betty

17 Vicki, Al, Rosemary and Alex

19 Ginny, Robert and Carol J   23 Marge S and Karen M


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