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First meeting of the HVSC TGIF South
North Reddington Beach, Florida
Monday, November 23, 2009



Monday we had our first meeting of HVSC TGIF SOUTH at a restaurant (Conch Republic) in North Reddington Beach, near St. Petersburg, Florida. Dave & Barb Fitch (Trinity, FL), Sandy Edelman (Atlanta, GA), Dave Ghostlaw (Port Ewen, NY & Hudson, FL), and Dave & Cheryl Watts (Sarasota, FL) had lunch together. We decided that there needed to be a gathering of the members and ex-members of HVSC on the west coast of Florida. Anyone we can think of (Florida resident and snowbirds from up north) who are/were affiliated with the HVSC will gather at the Fitches home late in January, 2010. We have few plans made other than the location and the approximate date.

But, we had such a good time attempting to remember the names of ski club people from the 70's and 80's and laugh a lot when we realized our memories are not as sharp as they once were. We even had to call Don & Joan Sinn for assistance at one point.

We have a pretty complete list of 'old' members and most of the addresses and phone numbers and will try to contact them all as plans are finalized.

There are many formal & informal 'clubs' in Florida made up of retirees from various geographic places, like Ohio, Chicago, Flatbush, and so on. So, we hope to make this something to look forward to and perhaps make it an annual event.

Thanks Barb & Dave for volunteering your home.

Dave & Cheryl Watts



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