Banff Canada Ski Trip

Hudson Valley Ski Club, Poughkeepsie, NY ~ March 2015
Photos courtesy of Pete Gray & Rich Partridge

Day 1 -- Here are my first shots from Banff. We skied at Sunshine today. It was cold, sunny, but, just like Snowbird/Alta, not enough snow.

Day 2 -- We skied at Lake Louise today. Sun was in and out and it was very cold. All in all, we had a good day, however. They had about 1/2" of new snow, but most trails and slopes were pretty scraped off by noon. Sounded and felt just like eastern skiing!

Day 3 -- We went back to Sunshine Village today. It was a bluebird day, but extremely cold. I actually had to buy hand warmers, which I've never used before. But, they actually got my hands through the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be slightly warmer. 20 of us are getting on a bus at 7 AM tomorrow and heading for Kicking Horse.

Day 4 -- We skied Kicking Horse today. The skiing was the best day yet! It still got all scraped off around 2 PM, but the first two gondola runs were incredible! It was also much warmer and the sun was out all day. Unfortunately, it was a two hour ride to get there and another two hours back to Banff. We had a guide (Ian) for the first two hours, which was nice. He's the guy in the yellow/grey/black jacket. Pete Gray
Skiing the Rock Garden at Lake Louise Ski Area and Chateau Lake Louise. Rich Partridge

Day 5 -- Some shots from skiing today at Sunshine Village, our trip to Banff Hot Springs and dinner tonight.

Day 6 -- Not many photos today. Too busy skiing Much warmer today. Packing tonight for the treck home tomorrow.

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