Steamboat, Colorado Ski Trip

Hudson Valley Ski Club ~ January 2013 ~ photos courtesy of Pete Gray IV

Day 1: A few shots I took today. 22,280 vertical and we (John, Donna and myself) quit about 2:30 (our legs were shot). Joan and Robin kept right on skiing.....

Day 2: Steamboat, Day 2. 23,510 vertical today. Great weather. Western skiing in the morning; Eastern skiing in the afternoon. NASTAR tomorrow. This will be my last

NASTAR race if I fall again (as I did at Beaver Creek).

Day 3: 22,340' vertical today. Many of us did the private HVSC NASTAR race today, followed by a great on-mountain picnic. Carl, Gail & myself got Bronze Medals. Tom

Filocco got a Gold Medal (the only one, I believe).

Day 4: a. Here are today's pics. Not too many as we spent most of the day getting 27,750 vertical feet. Going to Jack Diemer's Son's restaurant tonight.

Billy Kidd is supposed to be there also.

Day 4: b. Our dinner at Mike Diemer's "Johnny B. Good" restaurant and a nice visit and talk by Billy Kidd.

Day 5: Not much in the picture department today. It was overcast and tough to see most of the day. After we stopped skiing, it started snowing like hell and it's still coming down pretty good. We did manage to get 24,480 vertical feet, but it was tough in the flat light. Maybe we will have a few inches of fresh snow for out last ski day tomorrow!

Day 6: Here are my final photos from Steamboat. We had 2"" of fresh powder last night but, unfortunately, there was no sun and fog today. I only managed to get in 10,270' vertical today before my legs ordered me off the mountain. John & I quit early and walked around Gondola Plaza, did some shopping, ate lunch and then made our final visit to the hot tub. Now for some packing and a trip into town for dinner. Luggage has to be outside our rooms at 7:30 AM and we leave for Denver at 9:00 AM.

day1afewshotsitooktoday_small.jpg img_2576800_small.jpg img_2577800_small.jpg img_2578800_small.jpg img_2579800_small.jpg img_2580800_small.jpg
img_2581800_small.jpg img_2582800_small.jpg img_2583800_small.jpg day2westernskiinginthemorningeasternskiingintheafternoonnastartomorrow_small.jpg img_2588800_small.jpg img_2589800_small.jpg
img_2590800_small.jpg img_2591800_small.jpg img_2592800_small.jpg img_2593800_small.jpg img_2595800_small.jpg img_2596800_small.jpg
img_2598800_small.jpg img_2599800_small.jpg img_2600800_small.jpg img_2601800_small.jpg img_2602800_small.jpg img_2603800_small.jpg
img_2604800_small.jpg img_2605800_small.jpg img_2606800_small.jpg img_2607800_small.jpg img_2608800_small.jpg img_2609800_small.jpg
img_2610800_small.jpg day3hvscnastarracefollowedbyagreatonmountainpicnic_small.jpg img_2612800_small.jpg img_2613800_small.jpg img_2614800_small.jpg img_2615800_small.jpg
img_2616800_small.jpg img_2617800_small.jpg img_2618800_small.jpg img_2619800_small.jpg img_2620800_small.jpg img_2621800_small.jpg
img_2622800_small.jpg img_2623800_small.jpg img_2624800_small.jpg day4atodayspics_small.jpg img_2626800_small.jpg img_2627800_small.jpg
img_2628800_small.jpg img_2629800_small.jpg day4bdinneratjohnnybgoodrestaurantandvisitbybillykidd_small.jpg img_2631800_small.jpg img_2632800_small.jpg img_2633800_small.jpg
img_2634800_small.jpg img_2635800_small.jpg img_2636800_small.jpg img_2637800_small.jpg img_2638800_small.jpg day5overcastandtoughtoseemostoftheday_small.jpg
img_2640800_small.jpg img_2641800_small.jpg img_2642800_small.jpg day6finalphotosfromsteamboat_small.jpg img_2644800_small.jpg img_2645800_small.jpg
img_2646800_small.jpg img_2647800_small.jpg img_2648800_small.jpg img_2649800_small.jpg img_2650800_small.jpg img_2651800_small.jpg
img_2652800_small.jpg img_2653800_small.jpg img_2654800_small.jpg img_2655800_small.jpg

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